Friday, 16 January 2009

A Valentine

Another miserable day today - overcast and drizzly. But the Japanese Maple leaves hanging in the window are still glowing with colour. I picked them up on a walk last autumn and pressed them - but when pressed their colour was nothing like the fiery red it had been. I had the idea of laminating them and was delighted to see the colour restored - how does heat and plastic do that?

Here's another little box from Papershapez - you can find it here: There's just enough room for a little treat inside and the little heart shaped tab folds over from the back and slots in to close the box. I've used some of my Squiggly Ink stamps from PaperArtsy. I recently invested in two sheets of foam mount and spent hours mounting stamps I haven't used for ages and it was time well spent - its so much easier to get a good print with the foam so I will be using them a lot more in future.

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