Thursday, 29 January 2009

$20 for me

Well I've managed to upload my 20 projects to 2Peas in a Bucket - the last ones today. Most were pages I'd already created but I did do a couple of layouts this week and this is the one I like best. Its me on the right, Hazel from next door and my cousin Dafydd. In my designer comments on 2Peas I've put how I remember Dad developing his films in the dark in the bathroom, all the paraphernalia, mysterious liquids in trays and the spooky red light. We certainly weren't allowed in until he'd finished developing - it was like magic.


  1. How fun to find your blog! Thanks for leaving comments on mine, we can be blog buddies! I love your work, and this is one of my favorites of yours. Just love the faces of you & your sibs, and your background & fontwork is just superb!

  2. Ooo thankyou Steph - I'm very flattered you like my layouts - especially when I see how wonderful your work is. I think we have the same sentiments about scrapping memories. And knowing you are watching will give me the incentive to do more!


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