Sunday, 4 January 2009

My First Post!

I've been looking at lots of crafty blogs lately and have picked up loads of ideas. So..... I thought I would try blogging too. Here goes then - I'll start with a couple of the things I made as family Christmas presents; those that turned out quite well.

What do you give kids that have everything? I made these for my nieces and nephew and they seemed to go down well. I saw the idea in an old Scrapbook Inspirations mag and used those small wooden manikins artists use for sketching. I used scrapbook paper for the orange flowery manikin but turned to tissue paper for the other three - which was so much easier to work with.

Smallest great-niece was given this bunny knitted from a Sublime pattern in the October issue of Knitting magazine. She was christened Betty Bunny straight away!

My nephew has decided to try animation this New Year and wants to use his large Lego collection. I like these 2 photos we took after Christmas Dinner. Obviously these little 'dudes' are very photogenic!

Okay - as this is an experiment to see if I can do this blogging lark, I'll keep it short and see what happens.......

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  1. Haven't quite started yet on the animation! The artist's model has pride of place on David Can's Desk. You are so clever.


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