Sunday 17 April 2016

Happy Spring!

There are Spring flowers to be found in every corner of the garden this week - you just need to seek them out amongst the newly emerging weeds and the dead stuff from last year waiting to be cleared away. These violets grow in the corners of some stone steps and through the cracks in concrete paths so are easily missed.

The Snakeshead Fritillary is, as always, gorgeous and still manages to push through the rough grass. But of course it is a meadow flower so maybe my neglect is just what it needs.

I started some much needed cutting back and pruning this weekend as well as weeding. The willows I grew from twigs have been left far too much to their own devices and some drastic reduction was needed. I feel bad about cutting down so many catkins but there are still plenty left for the bees - though only the large solitary bumble bees seem to be out and about so far.

It is still cold - the mountains were white this morning - but the snow soon disappeared and the sun feels quite warm when you are in it. I did see a butterfly high up on the laurel last week fluttering from flower to flower. I think it was a Peacock wakened from its hibernation by the sun. I hope it survived the cold nights we've had the last couple of days.

Spring is also the start of the craft fair season and I've signed up for one the middle of next month so really need to start creating. I've a bit more time at the moment as I've given up one of my part time jobs and until I find something else there are two more days a week I can sew or hook or stamp.

Inspired by that Peacock butterfly I have made a start on some stock. I even tried a bit of free-motion embroidery - its been so long since I've done any I couldn't even remember how to set my machine up. Thank goodness for Pinterest! Methinks much practice is in order, but luckily this technique is very forgiving. :o)


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