Thursday 8 May 2014

Zipped in!

I love this idea from A Spoonful of Sugar - my phone is always at the bottom of my bag and I usually end up frantically tipping everything out to find it when it rings.  The middle purse here was made to fit it and I simply clipped to the inside pocket of my bag and hey presto no more searching when I hear that insistent ring.  I found the three vintage animal embroidered ribbons in France when I last visited my sister and these little purses are the perfect project, using only small pieces of the precious stuff.  One for me and one each for my sisters.

I've not tried zippered purses before and needed to practice a bit more so I adapted the tutorial to make some larger purse/pockets - one for my sister's fancy all singing all dancing phone and one for my reading specs - another item that hides at the bottom of my bag!  These two feature printed cotton tape and ribbon which is easy to find in craft stores and on line.  But I bet you'll already have some in your stash and just haven't found the right project to show them off till now!



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