Monday 30 April 2012

Wet, Wet, Wet! - April Remembered

Well April showers we've certainly had this month - not to mention a few hail storms and blizzards for variety! And what with the cold miserable weather and family illness I've found it difficult to fill my April page with memories and craftiness.  However I managed to complete my little squares with things I want to remember eventually and added a few digital scraps for interest.  Tomorrow the lovely month of May will be here and I hope a change in the weather for us all.

Wednesday 25 April 2012

Another Papertrey Blog Hop Challenge

Another Papertrey Ink blog hop has arrived - can't believe how quickly the months are passing lately! I've put together this little gift set for my niece's 12th birthday in May, though the Starbucks card will be replaced with something more suitable. For the design I was inspired by this lovely card I saw on Pinterest and the coloured stripes of the inspiration photo Nichole gave us - turning the stripes of colour vertically rather than horizontally.

Its been hard to get anything done in the garden in the last couple of weeks.  Everything is soggy and muddy with all the rain we've been having and the spring flowers and fruit trees' blossom has been well and truly battered by the frequent showers of hailstones.  The Lilac tree is just about to bloom and scent the air with its lovely perfume so I do hope the hailstone showers will stop soon.  And my current seed packet papercrafting craze keeps reminding me I haven't sown a single seed yet. I wish I didn't feel so guilty about it because it really doesn't matter to anyone except myself!

Supplies: PTI Simple Sunflower stamp set & Flower Fusion #10

Tuesday 24 April 2012

A Day in April

I've always been an admirer of 1930s style - you know, Art Deco and all that.  And after gathering a large collection of 1940s and 50s craft magazines over the years, I've recently discovered 1930 embroidery designs in the Art Deco style.  I loved this design as soon as I saw the cover the April 1936 Needlewoman magazine and wanted to get started on it immediately.

But to be honest I struggled to transfer the design as I could only think of scanning the working image and then using dressmakers carbon paper to trace it onto my fabric.  This didn't work too well and really I ended up copying the image freehand with just a few lines visible here and there for reference.  However I'm quite pleased with the end product - the first embroidered picture I've completed in a long long time.

My next project is to be the applique picture A Day in Autumn you can see in the photo.  Luckily the transfer is still in this magazine but I've also discovered iron on transfer pens - WHAT! I'd never even heard of them before!  I could only find a basic version in my local craft shop but I'm really excited by the prospect of being able to transfer any design I like onto fabric.

I'm spending much time at my Mum's house at the moment - away from my papercrafting supplies and laptop, so I've lots of time to get back into needlecrafts again.  I really need to practise my stitching as close inspection of my picture has revealed a lack of attention to detail!  Must try harder as my teacher used to write on my reports!

Wednesday 18 April 2012

Seed Packets and New Beginnings

Its the Waltzing Mouse Stamps blog party today so I thought it was about time I did some papercrafting.  The theme is "New Beginnings" and what could be more suitable than a packet of seeds.

I've offered to make wedding favours for a work colleague who is getting married in October and have been toying with the idea of seed packets - they are all over Pinterest and I love the idea.  I don't think the favours have been upon decided yet but lottery tickets were mentioned and seed packets would be suitable for those too.

Here are a few I've been playing with today using Waltzing Mouse stamps.  I used a template I found on line and stamped using colours I associate with Provence to go with the France themed stamp set - blue, green and yellow.  But I wish my photos were more Provence-like - its such a dull day today I just couldn't make them look sunny!

I've got the seed packet bug now and have a few more ideas I want to try for birthdays coming up next month.  These packets are the perfect size for gift cards - something I like to give those hard to buy for teens.

Supplies: Waltzing Mouse Stamps -  French Country, Nordic Spring; PTI Year of Flowers (sentiment); PTI Oval Layers die collection

Friday 6 April 2012

Happy Easter!

Unfortunately my Easter crafting plans did not happen as the last week or so has entailed a number of hospital and doctor visits with my Mum.  But luckily I'd already made my Mum's card.  I found this little bunny chart in an old Stitchcraft magazine from 1966.  The motifs are to be added to a child's knitted jumper and lent themselves to cross stitching very nicely.

I wish all my readers a very Happy Easter and I hope the sun shines on you all!

Stamps: PTI Background Basics Tintypes, Egg Hunt (sentiment)

Wednesday 4 April 2012

I don't belieeeeeeeve it!

Today leaden skies, blizzards on the hill, freezing snow, sleet and rain blowning horizontally across the fields and streets.  Last week blossom, butterflies, birdsong and paddling in the river with little fish.  That's British weather for you! 

Oh Spring, where have you gone?  Time for a treat I think..... waffles, greek yogurt and bottled cherry plums from last year's garden harvest.

Tuesday 3 April 2012

A Japanese Season in Wales

The long awaited Japanese exhibition opened at our local craft centre this week and I managed a quick visit on my way home today.

The main exhibition gallery is looking pretty spectacular - lengths of beautiful textiles hung in human form from the ceiling surrounding a gigantic washi paper lantern.  I'm never sure whether photographs are permitted here but I managed to sneek a couple when no one was looking! 

My visit today had to be quick but I'll definitely be going again - not least because there are lots of interesting events planned and a delicious looking pop-up shop.  I couldn't resist a couple of teeny purchases today - a set of 12 beautiful postcards and a cute little washi paper bunny notepad with matching envelopes. 

If you live within striking distance of North East Wales I'd definitely recommend making the effort to take a look.  There's plenty of information on the website  And its on till 24th June, so no need to rush either.

Sunday 1 April 2012

April Showers.........

Well I hope we do see some April showers as I don't think a drop of rain fell in March if my memory serves me right.  As this page from Children Month by Month hints, April should be a time for sowing seeds and I don't fancy lots of watering this early in the year!!

 But, can anyone explain to me how all ...................
THIS happens without me doing anything at all!
And it will happen again next year, and the year after, and the year after that.  The miracle of non-intervention!


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