Friday, 8 March 2019

World Book Day 2019

Its World Book Day and the day has been perfect for staying in and reading - wet, windy and grey grey grey! I'm reading these three at the moment. Meadowland and Four Hedges have chapters titled with the months of the year (a genre I especially enjoy), so after reading the March chapters I'll leave them both bookmarked and pick them up again in April.

That leaves "Miss Buncle's Book" which is not a book I would have picked up without the recommendation of the mighty Scott at Furrowed Middlebrow, who in turn pointed me towards an enabling review by Book Snob.  But be warned, once you click over to Furrowed M you may be there for some time and spend even more time searching on line for books and writers you would never have come across otherwise!

Two more minutes of World Book Day to go and I need to get to bed so I can read another chapter before closing my eyes!

Really enjoyed making more bookmarks by the way!

Saturday, 16 February 2019

An Occasional Update - Spring

We're only half way through February but there are signs of spring everywhere - even in my sewing room. I like using old embroidery transfers and this Weldons transfer couldn't be more spring-like could it. I don't actually use the transfer that would be a shame. I photocopy the transfer sheet and then use my lightbox to trace the design onto fabric with an erasable pencil/marker.

Spring is inside and outside - most particularly in the garden. There's nothing like a warmish day in late winter to encourage a bit of spring cleaning - tidying, snipping back and pulling a few weeds. This year I've a lot of transplanting to do too.

The family home is to be sold and the garden turned into a building plot. I cared for the garden for 25 years after my father died but now it will be dug up so I have to save as many plants as I can. First this year have been the snowdrops and they were a success! I know advice is to move them "in the green" but I took a chance and moved them in flower and two weeks later they look like they've always been there! So happy!

And I had to stitch them too - just in case.  The last couple of days I've moved on to crocuses and daffodils.  Not so easy but I'll let you know how I/they get on. They are looking beautiful at the moment.

And so is the country roundabout. I always think it looks its best in Spring sunshine. Something to do with the light.

Its a good year for snowdrops - in abundance on my walk this week but before you know it there will be primroses and violets....... then...... so many plants! There's much to do!


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