Thursday, 4 August 2011

NF Winged #6

Here's my photo for Nature Footstep Winged collection this week. Its a Comma butterfly and if you look carefully you can see the white mark on its under-wings from which it gets its name. Its easy to identify a Comma, even from a distance, as they have a very distinctive gliding flight - at least they do in my garden. They love to bask in the sheltered sunshine of a large laurel hedge in the back garden either on a leaf or even on the grass - where they are in danger of becoming the plaything of one of the local cats that frequent the same sunny spots.

I made another notebook for my great niece today and used some stamps I bought at Art Stamp Wales in Wrexham last week. I really like these delicate dragonfly images. We do occasionally see them in the garden as the neighbours have a pool. They are usually hunting and zoom around the grass plat at high speed. I caught one on camera a few years ago (2006 to be exact) - a complete fluke - it just landed in front of me. Never happened again! Sadly it wasn't one of the beautiful iridescent blue varieties - its a Common Darter, but just look at those gorgeous transparent wings.

Notebook recipe:
Stamps: - Lavinia Stamps' (our own very local stamp designer!) Bugs & Group of Poppies, Papertrey's Garden Variety, sentimen:t Papertrey's Botanical Silhouettes
Dies: Papertrey's Garden Variety and Picket Fence


  1. Lovely winged garden visitors :) Great phtots!
    The comma butterfly is beautiful, I have seen it for the first time in my garden earlier this summer.

  2. The distinctive ragged outline of the Comma ... lovely shots Ann. I love watching and photographing Darters but have never seen one in my own garden.

  3. My, you really know the names of things, don't you - I'm so impressed! Love coming to visit, as I never now what you've chosen to share with us, and it's always interesting! Love your pretty creation, too!

  4. I think its neat that we have commas here too, though I haven't seen any yet this year. I sometimes have trouble identifying them because we also have question marks here.

  5. What lovely photos, Ann!!! :) Dragonflies are indeed very hard to get photos of!!! I couldn't believe it when one landed on my hubby's chest and sat there...I got amazing photos! Then one landed in our yard and allowed me a few shots. I met up with the lovely in your second photo - and found him particularly bashful...although I also got a photo of one in the grass!!!! Happy weekend!!! :)

  6. Lovely notepad. Pretty shots of the butterflies and dragonflies. TFS your garden and little visitors!


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