Friday, 26 August 2011

Last minute!

Oh dear - I've failed! I haven't managed a crafty post today.... well actually I mean yesterday, as its now after midnight on Friday so its officially Saturday! But at least Blogger has dated my post for Friday so I have technically stuck to my post-a-day-for-a-week challenge to myself. But to be fair I've had lots to do for tomorrow's craft fair - I do wish I could get more organised and not be last minute with everything every time.
I've also been last minute in visiting the charity shop (thrift store) that popped up this week. You know the sort, the charity takes a vacant shop for a week to raise funds. One popped up last Saturday but I didn't get round to visiting until this afternoon when it was winding down to close. But I'm pleased with the two books I bought. I can't resist beautifully illustrated children's books and these two fall into the gorgeous category. I love the fabulous 'of the period' illustrations in this French language book published in 1969. I'd never heard of Martine before but I googled her and find there are over 50 titles! Sadly the illustrator Marcel Marlier died in January this year at the age of 80.

My second buy is an old friend published around the same time as Martine but illustrated in a completely different style. You probably know it too, though perhaps you don't recognise the title! Its a Welsh translation of Rosie's Walk but Rosie's been given the Welsh name Magi. Wonderful stylized farmyard illustrations by Pat Hutchins - and aren't those fruit trees are fabulous!
My fingers are itching to try my own versions of the trees and flowers. And wouldn't they make excellent rubber stamps!


  1. Two fab finds Ann - and they look in wonderful condition.

  2. Like you I did not know Martine.... The illustrations in the second book are beautiful, the different green colors..... You could make a stamp yourself???


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