Thursday, 25 August 2011

Madeleines à la Française

Well I'm still on course to post every day this week. But I was a bit stumped for today's subject as its one of my work days and I have LOADS of stuff to finish for the craft fair on Saturday. I meant to blog about my Madeleines last week when I made them but didn't get down to it - so I'm doing it now instead.

I've been wanting to make Madeleines ever since I bought a lovely orange shell shape silicone cake mould while I was staying with my sister in France last year. I looked at lots of recipes on line but then I saw this really simple one on Artycho's blog AND she had used my mould! What's more she's French! So I had to have a go and although my little cakes don't look quite as light, they tasted fine. Next time I'll use an electric whisk instead of mixing by hand.

And I have to show you where I bought the mould. Isn't this a fabulous shop? I'm not sure what you'd call it, but as well as kitchen equipment, baskets, and shopping trolleys (which everyone uses in Nice) you could buy just about any shape and size of glass bottle or jar, choose between dozens of different shaped corks and stoppers to seal them with, and those interesting cardboard boxes behind the counter were full of the most delicious vintage labels to stick on your preserves. Oh, I could have spent a fortune there but when one's limited to a single piece of luggage on the plane one needs to be sensible! But I'd love to visit again.


  1. Hi Ann! Lovely post, and I wish I could come and sample your madeleleines - I don't think I've every had one! The shop looks yummy, lucky you! AND I saw your comment over on Susan Branch's blog! Sending hugs!

  2. Mmmm, those madeleines do look good! And if you can only bring one suitcase, you should think of mailing things home! Lightens the load considerably! Good luck at the craft fair!

  3. Oh they DO look so delightful! Best of luck to you at the craft fair!

  4. Those shops are so GREAT, I , like you can spend hours there....


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