Saturday, 6 August 2011

Mary-Go-Round and the beginning of the end!

I'd seen these cute crochet frames on Lola Nova's blog some time ago but hadn't got round (no pun intended!) to trying them as I couldn't find a suitable bangle round the house - though I'm sure I've got some somewhere - and didn't really want to buy one specially. Then I was reading my copy of the latest Mollie Makes and there they were again. I happened to be at Mum's and she said she had some on her dressing table! She had three so I promptly got out my hook and crocheted three in no time at all!

I used a natural cotton yarn for my first one, expensive cashmerino for the yellow and very cheap acrylic for the red one - I have to say the acrylic yarn is fine for a project like this and as the yarn stretches it does look rather neater than the unstretchy cotton yarn version.

I gave the cotton one to my niece. I added a die cut card back and a plastic hanging ring so she can put in her own (more grown up!) image and hang in her new sewing corner.

Finally, I just want to record that as far as I'm concerned, yesterday was the beginning of the end of summer - the swifts have left town. As I write this they are on their hazardous journey back to Africa. We won't again hear their excited screaming as they streak through the sky until next May. I'm so glad I managed to take a short video of them on my way to work last week when they were flying low around their nest site. Its only 200 yards or so away and I so wish they would nest on my house! Maybe next year....


  1. Such lovely little frames! :)
    Also suitable for a picture of a beautiful butterfly as in your winged post below.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Made me learn the english name on both butterfly and flower.

  2. These are gorgeous Ann, and your stitches are so neat and even - I've a long way to go with mine before they'd be fit to give away! Your cherry delights made my mouth water.
    Carol x

  3. Lovely frames , great homemade present ideas. Like Charlotte said, suitablel with your pictures inside. The butterfly pictures are wonderful, you are a talented photographer. Chapeau!

  4. Very cute frames - great idea!
    I am looking forward for the swifts to arrive here on their way further south ;-) will say hello to them from you and wisper in their ears to go closer to your house next year.


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