Thursday, 8 April 2010

More Garden Close-ups

I love to record things emerging in the garden at this time of year. So much needs to be seen close up so when I should have been digging the potato patch yesterday (tradition dictates they should be planted Easter weekend), I was wandering around with my camera again. I really must get them planted this afternoon!The Pasque Flowers again - when they first emerge the flowers look like little furry creatures and I want to stroke them! They really are one of my favourite spring flowers.
There was a lot of flitting and buzzing around yesterday in the back garden, which is much more sheltered and warm than the front. I saw this Comma butterfly sunning itself on our old flag pole. It came down in a storm and now lies under a hedge which gets the evening sun. This butterfly has emerged from winter hibernation and looks rather ragged - I hope it will survive as the nights are still cold and there's not much for it to feed on right now.
My sister was working in Romania a few years ago and on one of my visits we stayed in a lovely village deep in the countryside. I picked up a few willow twigs there and brought them home (is that allowed?) . I've been training them over a metal frame to make an arch.I love my blackcurrant bushes - the smell of the leaves evokes memories of the gardens of my childhood. My Dad and Aunty Bessie grew them. They are so easy to propagate that my original bought bush now has 6 offspring. I've already seen lots of ladybirds in the garden this year and hopefully they will be eating all those pesky aphids soon.
Another success has been the cob nut bushes I planted when some nuts sprouted in the fridge a few years ago. There are three little bushes and I do hope they can keep going and produce a small crop one day.This little patch of Speedwell has suddenly appeared in the grass platt at the front of Mum's house - just where I scatter bird seed. I read that it appears where the ground has been disturbed so perhaps the birds' little feet and pecking beaks has germinated the seeds. We've always called it "Birds Eyes" and its a much more intense blue than my camera thinks!


  1. Wonderful garden pictures!! I so enjoyed them all; you're so right, this time of year is so magical! Thanks!

  2. the first flower is new to me and I would love to meet it in person! The butterfly is like one I saw today. Your photos are lovely~

  3. I also enjoy working in the garden ..... Spring is here and there's a lot to do. Your pictures are so beautiful...

  4. Beautiful pictures! I like the ladybugs as an aphid control method. Have you used any organic bug sprays in the past? I just found a spray called Tomato and Vegetable Insect Killer by Safer Brand. I like how you can use it right up to the day of harvest.
    Here's the organic bug spray I'm referring to:


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