Sunday, 4 April 2010

Baby food jar Pincushion

I seem to be on a blogging roll this weekend - this is a little gift I made a couple of weeks ago for a niece who has just bought her first proper sewing machine. I found the idea here at Craft Pudding and I've used a baby food jar too as I couldn't find anything else suitable. I didn't have a friendly baby who could let me have an empty jar so I had to buy one - it was a fish pie and I have to tell you my cat Sausage absolutely loved it!

Anyway - the real reason for this post is to let my niece know about a US blog I found The DIY Dish. Looks like there will be some great ideas coming up from these two girls - hope you find something you would like to try there Faye.


  1. ooh posh pins! love this great idea. made me laugh about the contents of the jar, glad sausage enjoyed it.

  2. This cute project is on my do-list for a whole year now! I guess it's time to do it or erase it :O)


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