Saturday, 3 April 2010

Happy Easter Holiday!

The sun is shining and the sky is blue with fluffy white clouds skudding about - perfect Easter weather. We're having a family day today with fish and chips for lunch (hope there's a veggie option for me!) and a wander round the local shops. I had a baking day yesterday and we will have an Easter Tea before the everyone departs for home.

I picked up a lovely book in a charity shop recently. "Good Housekeeping's Picture Cake Making" and both these recipes are from it. Its dated 1958 by it's previous owner and, as well as loads of yummy recipes, is full of lovely photos - some colour, adverts, and advice and suggestions on the best equipment to use in your 1950s kitchen. What I really love about old cookery books is that the recipes don't use any hard to find fancy ingredients and the recipes use imperial measurements - being of a certain age, I just can't get my head round metric - I can't visualise 500gms or 10cms in my head and I don't suppose I ever will. When someone says something is 10 kilometers away I haven't a clue how far that is but I can easily visualise 5 miles!

Anyway, these are Easter Biscuits - a simple recipe using flour, butter, sugar, egg and currants, and the cake is a Cinnamon Sponge made with semolina - an easy recipe from one of the advertisement pages. I halved both recipes as we aren't a large family and I would end up eating the left-overs for the rest of the week! Isn't that teaset in the photo pretty!

I'm going to post my Easter crafts tonight as, as usual, I'm running very late!


  1. Your baking looks lovely - I want to get back into baking too. I got rid of all my old cookbooks - foolish I see now! What a fab find that old cook book of yours is - love that picture in it. I have two elderly friends(83 and 94) who still bake and they wanted desicated coconut the other day and the young girl in the shop didn't know what it was!

  2. All those goodies look simply amazing!!! Hope you enjoy the holiday!!! Theresa


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