Wednesday, 14 April 2010

99 Years Ago

Yesterday would have been my Dad's 99th birthday! Mum and I took these gorgeous orange tulips and some pale lemon spray carnations to the cemetery.

The day started me pondering on how different life has become for us all in just two generations. Dad was always one for the latest gadget and had to have anything new and novel. Of course he wouldn't recognise the must-have gadgets of today - all those hugely expensive "indispensable" gadgets people carry in their pockets or bags these days. I can't imagine Dad making use of any of them and he died only 15 years ago! Apart from my trusty 6 year old laptop, I don't have these gadgets myself and don't feel the need for any of them. However what I do see is family and friends constantly pestered by one gadget or another - cursing them for the most part - and I thank goodness I'm not at the mobile phone's beck and call 24 hours a day! Oh dear..... this post has turned into a bit of a rant and makes me sound rather a luddite - but I have to admit I can't imagine life now without the world-wide resources of the internet!

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  1. Hi Ann,

    I was think about Dad on the 13th as well. 99! By coincidence a couple of days before I had been looking at the CD you gave me a few years ago of all the old family photos. I trip down memory lane that lasted several hours. The one you used on this page of him at 14 by the river was particularily interesting as that is DC's age at the moment. Dad is wearing short trousers! Don't think I would get DC to wear those. I was struggling to see a resemblence but except for the slightly embarassed teenager look couldn't see one. Lovely pages recently Ann especially the beach ones. Wish I was there with you. x x


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