Monday, 19 April 2010

Has the Cowslip Fairy visited?

The Cowslips in the garden are lovely this year and I'm sure the Cowslip Fairy has visited and sown more seed. However I did chop a rosemary bush that had grown too large for its space in March so the Cowslips have had much more room to grow and haven't had to fight their way through the rosemary bush to flower. But I don't really want to pick them for cowslip wine, a traditional use for the 'peeps' - petals. Have you noticed a great flowering of Cowslips on roadside verges over the past few years? I wonder if the council workers are brewing their own wine!

I saw some very pretty Flower Fairies pendants on Theresa's blog today - she loves fairies! I've admired Cicely Mary Barker's book illustrations for many years and collected these three old Flower Fairy books before all the commercialisation of her images started. The covers of two are very scruffy but the Flower Fairies of Spring is in good condition and the inside pages of all three are still perfect. I bought the three together so I think they must have belonged to one little girl and there is an inscription dated September 1938 ("Mair Davies from her Dad"). The books were first published in the mid-1920s.

Lastly, I've been looking for the wonderful sunsets we've been promised from the Icelandic volcano dust cloud. They haven't really materialised - I supposed because the skies here have been clear of clouds when the sun is setting. But I did see this wonderful moon and star on Friday night - not a perfect photo but it does capture the atmosphere of the heavens that night.


  1. Wonderful post today! Love seeing your cowslips and I too love the flower fairies, so your blog was a fun read for me this morning! Thank you! I love seeing everyone's gardens in bloom at this time of year.

  2. What a surprise to see me referenced here! Thanks so very much!!! :) Such lovely cowslips - they're so bright and cheery. I wonder if they would grow for us? Theresa

  3. such lovely peaks at your garden. those books you have seem like a treasure to me. Theresa really does make charming jewelry!


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