Monday, 1 February 2010


Well, to say my gasted has been well and truly flabbered is an under- statement. I am so delighted with my involve- ment in Lisa's blog event and so chuffed with the response to my giveaway. Comments have now passed the 200 barrier so like other bloggers I am adding some more prizes. I've decided to carry on crocheting flowers until the event closes on 15th February and hope to be able to put together at least three or four more gifts. Unfortunately I don't have any more seeds so instead I will add something else to the flowers - such as this little decorated notebook. I'm looking forward to deciding what to make.

I'm still trying to produce decent images with the pencam but am failing miserably. I'm so looking forward to getting my camera back next week! But here's a picture of the embroidery silks I've been using to make my flowers. I bought this vintage tin on ebay a couple of years ago. As well as the silks it contained a half completed embroidered picture the owner had purchased from a Woman & Home magazine in the 1950s. I just love being able to appreciate and use something that has lain unloved for many years.

Anyway, my new crocheted flowers will be stored in a decorated glassine bag and will be accompanied by another little handmade gift. I notice one or two comments suggest they wouldn't be able to have the seeds due to customs regulations - I think this may be the case for Australia and I will of course check with the winner before sending the seeds. I remember a friend who emigrated to Australia a couple of years ago was not even allowed to take her cane furniture with her!

I'm so enjoying visiting all the other bloggers taking part in Lisa's event - I'd love to visit them all but there are over 900 so far and I'm only on number 350! I've added at least 50 blogs to my following list already - there are so many talented crafters out there in the world and its so lovely to see what they are all doing. You must visit at least a few if you have time - and you may win something wonderful! Click on the Magic Carpet link on my sidebar. And we should all give Lisa three cheers for all her hard work in organising this fabulous event.

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