Thursday, 4 February 2010

Something to look forward to.....

I've found so many wonderful blogs through the One World One Heart Magic Carpet event organised by Lisa (click on the ticket on my side bar to start flying). A blog post that has really stuck in my mind is this one from Tessa - An Aerial Armadillo. I just love her Papa's mantra - what a lovely man he must be. And how wise - we all need something to look forward to, whatever it might be - a huge event like a holiday or Christmas, or a tiny thing such as something pretty arriving in the post or the first of your seeds pushing through compost.

Jeni and I found each other through a family history website a few years ago. My cousin and I have been researching our family for many years but we were never able to find very much on our two fathers' family as their parents died before we, their grandchildren, were born. So we were very excited to find Jeni in Australia as she belongs to that lost family. Jeni and I met in 2008 when she came over to Wales and we had a lovely time haunting graveyards and visiting the places where our family had been. I'm so pleased she can visit again this coming Autumn - something delightful to look forward to.

And I'm very lucky as I've something to look forward to much sooner than the Autumn - on Saturday I'm off to visit my sister in Nice for a few days. AND..... I will get my camera back - yipee!


  1. We are so very happy to have you with us all the way from Wales. Delighted. Enchanted. Ever so excited to meet you on this Magic Carpet Ride. I have linked my blog to yours so I can visit you all the time. I love it here at your blog too! Blessings...Eden

  2. I too am very much looking forward to visiting you and Wales again this autumn. I feel like I'm home when I'm over there. It's funny how a place can be a part of you and I'm sure there must be Welsh blood pumping through me, drawing me back. Not long now and I'll be there...Jeni


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