Friday, 26 February 2010

More signs of Spring

Although it was a grey day I took another favourite walk this afternoon and found signs that Spring is surely on its way even though there are still patches of snow on the surrounding hills. I can remember nature lessons in primary school where we had to draw the male and female flowers of the Hazel. I was always fascinated by those tiny shocking pink flowers. Also today I found a single Celandine flower under the hedge - it was closed as there was no sunshine but I love that olive green colour brushed onto the underside of the bright yellow petals.
The travel books say there are more sheep in Wales than there are people and this is definitely true at this time of year - lambs are bleating everywhere in the fields. I seem to remember that lambs always came in the Spring when I was a child but nowadays they are often born before Christmas and have to endure freezing, wet and stormy weather instead of gamboling in the sunshine. This mother didn't like me being so close to her lamb and stamped her foot!


  1. Oh, how beautiful that countryside is! And those are quite possibly the cutest sheep ever (how sweet that the mama was protecting her baby) My ultimate dream would be to visit Scotland, England, and Wales. Thank you for sharing such lovely photos. I can't wait for springtime to arrive, so I can take some lovely picturesque walks. :) Theresa

  2. love these the scene and those darling lambs!

  3. Goodness, what an observant eye you have Ann! Spring seems so far away, with the Helebores still in bud and not a daffodil to be seen here. Love your photo's...


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