Wednesday, 17 February 2010

More Snowdrops?

How about this for a recycling idea! I don't expect the petrol tubes used to make the snowdrops are available in your local tobacco- nist today but I'm on the look- out for a substitute.

This page comes from a wartime issue of Stitchcraft magazine. I assembled my collection of this crafty magazine a few years ago and I'm rather embarrassed to admit to having a copy of every issue from January 1944 to December 1969 - I decided to stop at 1969, though I'm still on the lookout for pre-1944 issues missing from the run!

We've heard a lot about the "Make do and Mend" movement our mothers and grandmothers were encouraged to adopt in those difficult days but looking through my wartime issues of Stitchcraft there was much to enjoy if you were a crafter. I thought I would share some ideas from the 1940s and 1950s magazines during 2010 and although this project may not be to your taste, there are many makes that we would enjoy today. I love this funny embroidery design from the same issue - unfortunately I don't think the transfer is still available!


  1. Oh, I like snowdrops and that brooch is just lovely.
    I like old magazines too.
    I have a little collestion of Burda that my granny gave me a fey years ago. It just to be translated in Slovene and I'm sorry that that changed. It's only available in German language and I suck at that.

    Speaking of magazines.. I'm trying to subscribe to UK Country living and guess what the price for Slovenians for one year is the same as 3 years of subscribtion in UK. Not fair. I think I'll move :o)

    Well, I would love to see more ideas. Thank you.

  2. Oh, and your parcel is on it's way.


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