Sunday, 14 February 2010

Back home just in time for OWOH ride end!

Arrived home from visiting my sister in the South of France last night after having to stay an extra 2 days because of SNOW - yes really! Nice airport just couldn't cope with it and all flights were grounded! I know it was probably very inconvenient for many of my fellow travelers but it was no hardship for us as we didn't have any commitments waiting and were able to go back to my sister's nice warm flat. And our extra day was a beautiful day - we spent a lot of it sitting or walking on the beach in the sun - most of the snow disappearing quietly in the night.
However, while my son was taking his afternoon snooze on the beach I was busy adding to my collection of crochet flowers ready for the last day of the OWOH blog event tomorrow - you can see them in the photo with my souvenirs of the trip. I found the silicone cake cases for sale at a bargain price in a favourite shop selling hundreds of different preserving jars and olive oil bottles and I've again added to my collection of sea glass - I really must do something with it soon! I've seen some lovely jewelry on my carpet trip and have some ideas for encasing the nicest pieces of glass in silver wire. Watch this space!

Now, I want to thank everyone for visiting my blog over the last couple of weeks and leaving such lovely comments - I've never had so many visitors and I've been delighted by so many sweet compliments. I hope to visit all commenters at my leisure over the next few weeks when all the frantic blog hopping has ended. There's lots I want to investigate thoroughly.

And I want to specially welcome each and every one of the new followers to my blog - its so flattering to have you interested in what I'm doing and its a great incentive for me to carry on creating and blogging. I'd like to buy you all a posy of mimosa from the flower market.

So tomorrow evening I will be choosing my winners - I think I will have enough flowers for three second prizes so I will ask the Random Number Generator to pick me 4 numbers - good luck everyone! And good luck to me too - fingers crossed I can win a prize somewhere.


  1. Dear Ann, I'm so happy to tell you, that you are a winner of my giveaway!!! Please, send me your address.
    Hugs, Anja

  2. Hi Ann, so pleased to hear that you'd a nice trip, I can't get over you being snowed in in Nice! That mimosa just looks heavenly, it's one of my favourite flowers and I don't remember when I was last lucky enough to come across it.


Thank you so much for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment - its hugely appreciated. Ann :o)


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