Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Snowdrops in the Garden

Yes, I've actually done a bit of tidying in the garden today - there's such a lot to do. The sun was out and things are starting to push through the soil under all the dead leaves of autumn that still lie on the borders....... bringing on the guilt that pushed me to do something about all the mess. But I have to say that once I start tidying its so satisfying that only the darkness creeping up on me sends me inside for a cup of tea.

I hope I'm motivated enough to carry on the good work tomorrow - if the sun shines.


  1. That picture of the single snowdrop is amazing.

  2. I love snowdrops! How very pretty. :) We shall see no flowers soon ~ we just received 10 inches of snow! Theresa

  3. love these photos too...so pretty...i miss those spring flowers!

  4. Came here through a link from Godelieve, and so glad I did! LOVE your pictures of the beginning of spring!! Thanks so much.


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