Thursday, 2 September 2010

End of Summer Harvest

We are having a lovely Bank Holiday week here in the UK - a proper Indian Summer as they say. And now September is here everything in the garden is taking on that "getting ready for the end of summer" feeling.

Something that I really love about growing your own is being able to harvest just what you need. I can pick just two tomatoes, one apple, enough runner beans for lunch or a couple of corn cobs for tea, and leave the rest on the plant for next time. In this way fruit and veg stays fresh and keeps its nutritional value.

However, even I have to admit home grown is often not beautiful! A recent cookery programme on TV has aimed to highlight how much food in the UK is thrown away as the supermarkets won't accept anything less than beautiful for their shelves. I fear none of my produce would get onto a supermarket shelf. I recently dug up some of my spuds and although they are misshapen and scabby they taste fine and I know nothing chemical has been sprayed on them and no energy (except my own) has been used up in getting them into my kitchen. So I'm happy with that.
There have been a few failures - I grew too much salad and its all gone to seed now, I planted chard for the first time - but we don't like it (however its a very beautiful plant), and I planted peppers where they haven't had enough sun and haven't produced anything bigger than an egg. I'll remember these failures next year and change things round a bit.

I know I'm lucky having my Mum's big garden for my "allotment" but gardening programmes and magazines are always full of ideas for growing fruit and veg in tiny spaces so why don't you have a go!

Oh, and I couldn't resist recording that heart shaped spud for posterity!


  1. Same thing here, Ann. My sweet 100 tomato bush on our patio has been supplying lovely little cherry tomatoes all summer for my lunch salads, but this week it's slowed way down and has begun to wilt. "To everything there is a season.....".

  2. Hi Ann,

    Like you we are having beautiful weather in Manchester. Your heart shaped potato is so cute! We are having a glut of really gorgeous baby plum tomatoes which I can eat like sweets and our peppers are ready for eating now. The courgettes are finished though and weren't as prolific as I'd hoped. Crafting can wait while I enjoy the sunshine.

  3. What great photographs, Ann. Love the heart shaped potato...what a great find. Seeing all these delicious pictures has now made me hungry. =)

  4. all of your photos are just lovely ... I especially LOVE your photo of the heart-shaped potato ...


  5. What a wonderful Harvest! The heart shaped potato is really something - you must have given that potato extra special love ;)

  6. What a glorious bounty, Ann. We've had so many jalapeno peppers and now tomatoes (5 delicious jars of sauce have been stashed away). I love harvest time so much! Theresa

  7. I'm enjoying your harvest pix very much. And that heart shaped spud is adorable! Very special...indeed. :) you do have the greenest thumbs!!!

  8. Wonderful photos Ann, I love the little cherry tomatoes.


  9. That's it Ann I am so moving to North East Wales! Between your amazing fruit, flowers & vegetables and your extraordinary creativity and crafty stash - I would be in heaven.

    I would just like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your very touching and beautifully created gifts that arrived safely today. Oh my goodness - they are truly beautiful - thank you :D

  10. hi Ann,
    love all your beautifull vegetables, and the heart is so special, I`m hving a lovely veggi garten,too--only it is my husbond taking care of it, but it is wonderfull eating things from ones own earth.You made a very beautifull post.
    Happy week-end.
    Hugs, Dorthe


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