Friday, 3 September 2010

Birthday Girl!

This little girl has a significant birthday today but a daren't reveal which one! Although my sister doesn't have internet access someone is bound to snitch on me and then I'll be in trouble. So my lips are sealed and I'm just going to reveal what I made for her to mark the occasion.

Cathe Holden is a brilliant designer and crafter and I love everything she does. When I saw her peapod pendant I thought it would be a perfectly sweet birthday gift but little did I think it would pose me with such a problem. I searched high and low, in charity shops, bargain bins, and pound stores for anything made from green leather without success. I almost gave up, until I thought of my Pea Green Copic marker pen. A lightbulb went off in my head and after scrabbling under my bed I found an old beige fake suede slipper that had seen much better days and, hey presto, my peapod! The five "peas" represent my sister's five grandchildren. My little pod is not a neat as Cathe's but I'm very pleased with how it turned out and hope my sister likes it.

However I'm not quite as pleased with how my Almond Cherry Financiers, the birthday cakes, turned out. They don't look exactly like expert baker Sarah Jane's as my cherries have sunk to the bottom of each cake for some reason, and you can only see the stalks sticking out! But never mind - they tasted lovely!

Anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY HELEN! Hope you have a great one.


  1. Love love the pendant. Bet your sister loved it too. Those little cakes look good and what a suprise waiting on the end of the stalk. You will have to rename them Cherry Suprises!!

  2. Happy birthday, Helen! What a sweet sister you have!!! Ann, you are so clever with that meaningful & pretty pendant! She'll love it!!! And oooh...those cherry cakes look so yum-o!!

  3. oh that pendant is absolutely gorgeous and what a fab idea. sorry about the cakes, they do look a bit funny with the stalk sticking out!
    enjoy the weekend.

  4. Ok, would it be weird to say this nearly brought tears to my eyes? Your pea pod necklace turned out so beautiful and seeing it makes me absolutely glow. I love that you never gave up and added an entirely new dimension to the 'green' of the pod. The little stitching is so sweet and the whole necklace so beautiful. Thank you very much for taking a photo and sharing your process, as well as for your very kind words.

    -Cathe Holden

  5. Such a lovely necklace and yummy little cakes. Happy birthday to your sister. Hope she enjoyed her day! :) Theresa

  6. Ann, that's just a lovely idea. I'm sure your sister will cherish it for years to come! Also thank you for introducing me to Cathe Holden, she's kept me busy for hours this afternoon...

  7. What a lovely idea with the pea pendant! I had a good giggle about your cupcakes, for I thought it looks so interesting with the stick looking out - one automaticly asks what is below - if you would not have written, that it is not supposed to be, I would have thought this is a kind of surprise - made on purpose!
    btw I heard, make the cerries wet and dip them(guess here only the bottom of the cerry) in flour would help - but admit I never tried myself.

  8. How inventive you are....... and the result is a very nice present, made with love....


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