Friday, 9 October 2009

Autumn Harvesting

I took advantage of a beautiful autumn day yesterday to go foraging in the hedgerows - I was after sloes as I want to make sloe gin as Christmas gifts this year and it needs starting as soon as possible. Happily they were there in abundance and I could have picked pounds and pounds but only took what I needed. I love the hedgerows in autumn as they seem painted with the lovely colours of turning leaves and ripening fruits.

I've been walking these fields for more than 40 years now and never tire of watching the seasons changing in them.
Yesterday I was accom- panied on my walk by these beauties who seemed very interested in what I was doing! And I was delighted to capture on camera some damselflies that were basking on a log in the sunshine. They are usually really hard to creep up on but the warmth must have made them a bit sleepy. Marvel at those beautiful wings - I'm sure folk must have mistaken them for fairies in times past.


  1. what a lovely post - very autumnal. I love the scrapbook page - then I wondered if it is digital?

  2. I'm so glad you've done another digital page - I've been missing them & your amazing photography!! What an idyllic day you had :) Thanks for sharing, hugs - Steph xxx

  3. A cracking post Ann, many thanks for sharing, and I LOVE your challenge cards, the are superb! they all capture the essence of the countries!


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