Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Zakka Sewing

I'd like to share this fabulous book which has really fired me to start sewing again. The projects are really inspiring and are beautifully presented. I can't make up my mind what to start first! Just look at the elegantly simple design of this squirrel teacosy. There are 25 equally unique projects that would make perfect gifts for friends and family. I love this cosy for a digital camera. In Japan everything needs a cover - especially electronic equipment. And there's a sweet story that goes with it: "on rainy days Japanese children are encouraged to make a little white doll that looks like a ghost. Called teruteru-bozu (sunshine boy), the doll is hung in the window as a charm to make the rain stop so the children can go out and play." You can see him on the right of the cosy. How cute is that!
I bought the book on Amazon as their delivery is so quick, but I've seen it on ebay too. I googled Zakka and there's tons of information out there if you are inspired too.

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