Monday, 9 February 2009

Another memory page

Here's another page about my childhood - I seem to be harking back to the past a lot lately - must be my age! Nothing fancy on this one. Just sticking things one on top of the other. I used the Creations 23 kit from Oscraps again and a couple of bits from Sande Krieger's Altered Elements at 2Peas in a Bucket.


  1. Another beautiful page :) x

  2. Ann this is beautiful! You're going to have to give me some digi lessons.Do you print these out once they are designed? Could you add touchy-feely stuff too, (or is that a bit beside the point). Do you need a specific program to start off with? Can you tell I know nothing about it lol


  3. Wow Ann these pages are stunning, I love them!

    If you want to link through a name just copy the address and click on the "Links" on the Toolbar and paste. Let me know if that helped.


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