Friday, 31 January 2014

January - much rain and wetness!

Yes, its been wet, wet, wet!  But at last I have decided on my monthly photo page design for the year.  This time I'm going for double page spreads.  It will mean my I can use rectangles instead of squares for my photos which I think is better for me as I use an ordinary pocket digital camera not a phone.  Of course the double page is not as good for blogging but as always you can right click on the image and open in another tab if you want a closer look.

So here is January - its not been as bad here inland in North Wales as in other areas, although there was damage on the coast 20 miles away.  The worst effects for me were not being able to clear the mess in the garden as its so soggy, and being ankle deep in mud when I go walking in the fields.  But I count myself lucky that those are my only complaints.

I bought my templates from Jennifer Hignite at These Little Wonders.  She has lots of other great designs if you fancy your own review.  I treat mine like a pictorial diary and really enjoy looking back on my months and years.


  1. Just been catching up, lovely makes especially the pompon brooches.

  2. In spite of all the rain, your January collage looks so happy! I like the rectangles as well as the squares:) And in Romania, we had tremendous snow and very, very cold, freezing weather!


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