Saturday, 4 January 2014

That Pom Pom Thing!

Once that Christmas thing was over a sudden urge to make pompoms came over me - don't ask me why!  But you can't just carry on making pompoms and doing nothing with them so of course I clicked over to Pinterest for some inspiration. I found Bar's star pompoms - so cute - and thought I'd try hearts instead.

Bar has a great photo tutorial but they are very easy.  I used a nice big biscuit cutter and the small pink Clover pompom maker which made these so quick to put together I'd finished five or six in no time.  The pipecleaners are those long craft ones which reached all round the heart cutter but you could twist two ordinary short ones together to make the length.

I also made some big single pompoms with the large blue Clover pompom maker.  I hung them in the twisted willow branches I used as a Christmas tree this year to cheer me up during this dismally dark time of year.  Haven't finished with pompoms yet so watch this space!


  1. What fun! Haven't made pom poms for donkeys' years but these are so cute I might be tempted!

  2. You are so inventive Ann! You could also use them to decorate an easter tree or make bunnies with pom pom tails!

  3. Lovely did you se the link´in one of my twelve days post about the animal pompons? Give it a try ........

  4. Oh my gosh, these are darling- and such a fun way to cheer up these bleak weather months!


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