Sunday, 19 January 2014

Signs of Springing?

OK, I admit it - I'm a Radio 4 listener - I have it on permanently almost 24/7 - and all week there has been talk of early signs of Spring, even though its officially still winter.  In fact listeners were this morning invited to message, tweet or whatever you will signs from their own gardens.  Anyway, unable to join in myself as I was working, I did get up a bit earlier and went to have a look - with my camera.


Admittedly the Jasmine was in flower, there were catkins on my cobnut bushes and there was one rose on my David Austin bush (probably the last rose of last summer not the first of next!)

..... but looking back at previous years' photos, I don't think we are much more forward than usual.  There is sign of blossom bud on the cherry tree at the bottom of the garden but this is always the first of the year to burst forth.

There are still berries on the Ivy - which the birds might yet need as it was March before the big freeze came last year.

However, on my way down the hill to work I spied these daffodils in a neighbour's driveway, much farther forward than those in our garden.  Just shows what an effect altitude has. 

Yet on the radio I hear stories of snowdrops and daffs in flower already and even butterflies in flight (though I'm sure those must be hibernaters waking in a spot of warmth).  Perhaps its all happening 'down south'!

There is one sign of Spring I'm aware of though..... the birds are singing again!


  1. I'm in the South and there are not many signs in the way of spring at all! I don't really want all the plants to bloom and then be killed off by frost or snow anyway. I just wish it would snow and then move on for the arrival of spring in March. x

  2. Daffodils are in bloom on the roadsides here in South Somerset in some places - I've been out this afternoon to have a look. The ones in my garden are a later variety obviously though as although several inches tall no sign yet of flowers. Jasmine is in full bloom but then it should be a winter flower anyway and I have a couple of primroses if you put your glasses on to look!

  3. I'm in the South East and there are no signs of the bulbs I put in last September yet. Beginning to think all the wet weather has gotten to them. Either that or Mr Squirrel was watching me as I planted!. We moved the bird feeders to the house end of the garden this winter and it is lovely to stand in the kitchen and watch the birds flocking in of a morning to feed and yes they are singing and tweeting away to one another. Hugs Mrs A.


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