Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Last Minute Valentines

We're battening down the hatches here in North Wales as the storm rages outside.  No one wants to venture out unless absolutely unavoidable!  Happily I'm in no danger of floods, but if you can't get to the shops to buy a Valentine's rose for your special other you might be able to make one of my pom pom roses (or even a bunch) instead - yes, pom pom mania is still going strong in my house!

Hopefully you'll have everything you need at hand or something very similar.  I used a Clover pom pom maker and dark red acrylic yarn for my pom pom - you can use the old cardboard ring method  (video here) or even just your hands and a scissors - here's a great video showing you how.  You can even make them in bulk - Flax & Twine show how here - I haven't tried it but this method looks like fun!

Once you have your pom pom find a wooden kebab stick (really cheap in the supermarket) or a twig from the garden and push the pointy end through the centre of  the pom pom.  I cut the sharp point off the kebab stick once it was through.  I used a hot glue gun to put a blob on the end of the stick and pushed the yarn strands into it to attach.  I threaded on stamped office tags and tied green raffia under the pom pom to represent leaves.  You could use felt or even just green card to make leaves and hand write a message instead.

Well the electricity has just gone off so I'll finish and find some candles now before the laptop battery dies.  Hope you are safe where you are and keep warm!


  1. Hope you manage OK without the electricity and that it's back before too long. Lovely idea for the pom om roses and that tablecloth is exactly like one I had many moons ago purchased in Austria or was it Switzerland.

  2. A lovely project Ann. I may have a go at pom pom making. I hope you had a lovely break. Stay safe and warm in Wales. x

  3. My poor Ann, you in the UK are erally in great trouble with all those storm and rain. In the south west and the north west in France it is the same. Luckily where i live there is only a lot of rain and the donkeys are suffering a bit , but they have a shelter. At the moment we have nonstove burning because of the chimneyman who did not do his work well Yesterday, so we are COLD. Hopefully they come back tomorrow.......

  4. Your pom poms look delightful with their raffia leaves. Very effective and a lovely welcome splash of colour instead of the dismal sights we have here at present. Pleased to hear that your not in any danger of flooding. We are ok too though not too far away from where the Thames has flooded in Berkshire.
    Hope you get your power back on soon. Hugs Mrs A.

  5. Sweet little Pom Poms Anne, a lovely valentines gift! Hope your electricity comes back on soon! We have just had so much rain all the local canal and rivers are overflowing and lots of houses are flooded, we are ok in this part of town, bit feel so sorry for everyone who has been affected xx

  6. Those pom-poms are lovely. I didn't realise from the picture until I started reading.
    I really feel for you with all that weather. I don't know what's worse: all that rain or our heatwave and bushfires.


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