Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Oops ! Late December

The new year is a week old and I'm thinking about my Project 365/Life or whatever its called for 2014.  And I've just realised I haven't posted my December page.  This is for me rather than anyone else as in 2012 I somehow managed to delete my 12 monthly digital scrapbook pages but thankfully was able to retrieve them from my blog.  Anyway - here is December 2013 and I've been looking around for templates to start my 2014 project.

I've just ordered my 2013 photobook diary from Photobox.  I've been very pleased with everything I've had from them in the past (books, calendars, business cards, etc) so no reason to change I thought.  They aren't the cheapest but often offer great discounts so I'm taking advantage of the current 70% off.  My 2012 and 2013 books are both similar in design - scrapbook page on the right and one large photo on the left.  This style is useful as photobooks usually start with 24 pages.  But I haven't yet decided whether to stay with this or go for something different for the coming year.  Oh well, I've got till the end of January to decide.

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