Thursday, 19 December 2013

On the Seventh day of Christmas..... paper angels

I found these paper angels on Etsy today - isn't the internet wonderful!  I've always loved cut-out anythings.... there used to be lots of them in women's magazines and comics when I was a little girl and I could not wait for my Mum to let me have the pages when she was finished reading.  Anyway, I digress - I saw a lovely paper wreath on Pinterest and headed over to Etsy to investigate Sky Goodies.  I purchased and downloaded the angels and some Christmas baubles, printed them out and in about half an hour had six angels with no sticking required.

The simple shape is perfect for children to cut out but they may need an adult to demonstrate the easy construction - its just two cuts slotted together.  I've used very thin card which will go through my temperamental printer and curve easily into shape.

Its another dull day today so my photos are poor but here is Sky Goodies' own image.  Sweet or what - can you resist them?  I think I might download the wreath when I've a bit more time to fiddle.


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