Saturday, 14 December 2013

On the second day of Crafty Christmas..... another reindeer!

Gather some twigs from the garden - red dogwood is great but anything straightish will do, cut to size with secaturs, hot glue together and finish off with twine or string to hide the blobs of glue.  I saw this idea in Karin Hossack's lovely book Simple Christmas Style (1998) many years ago.  I made reindeer for all my work colleagues and they loved them.  I kept this one for myself and its at least 10 years old! 

Hope to see you here tomorrow.


  1. Fantastic! I love its expression!!!

  2. How stylish. I love this reindeer. Great idea and really easy and cheap to make too. Hugs Mrs A.

  3. Oh my goodness Ann, how cute is this? And whimsy and fabulous!!!! I will have to take a walk in the nearby woods today if I can't find what I need in my garden and simply made a few for me :) also thank you so much for your visit and comment on my blog recently I was so busy and only now found some time to come and thank you. I am enjoying your creative posts
    Big hugs xxx


Thank you so much for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment - its hugely appreciated. Ann :o)


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