Sunday, 1 December 2013

Dull November? Certainly not!

Most folks hate November and say its dark and dull - my Mum in particular always seems rather down at this time of year.  However I enjoyed this November.  We had lots of sunshine, it hasn't been very cold, I've managed to get quite a lot of my home made Christmas gifts organised, and I've even got out and about a couple of times.  And I'm also quite pleased with the Christmassy crafting projects I've had on the go this year.  So here's my November remembered page - can you believe there's only one more before I'll be looking for a bargain offer on printing out my creative year book!!!!  You can see last year's book here.


  1. I read your post about printing and saw the pictures from last year. What en excellent idea. I could do an Italien book . Will look at their site. Are you going to show us all the Christmas decorations tou made,?

  2. It's been a lovely month hasn't it - none of that endless greyness and wet we often get. I checked out your last year's book page and must think about doing that myself. It's bookmarked for me to return to and to check out Vistaprint. Thanks for the link.


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