Saturday, 21 December 2013

On the ninth day of Christmas..... crocheted stars

I was hoping to give hyacinths in bloom as Christmas gifts this year........... err, no!  Late as usual!  But they'll be something to look forward to after the festivities are over and will bring a hint of Springtime on its way.  Anyway I thought the bulbs needed a bit of adornment (though I think they are beautiful in their own right) so I'm crocheting last minute stars to match the pots they are growing in.

My good friend Baukje sent me a beautiful star last Christmas and I managed to track down the pattern in ATERGcrochet's shop on Etsy to make some for myself. 

Here's the lovely softly coloured star Baukje made for me and here's the link to the pattern shop if you'd like to make some too. 

Remember Baukje is crafting away till Christmas too so do visit her for some more last minute inspiration.


  1. What a lovely gift - a promise of springtime and so pretty with its matching star. The recipient will love it.

  2. Hi Ann, so sorry I've not visited lately.......just love that pink and green star! It would make a lovely ornament! What a beautiful gift! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, my friend!

  3. These are so pretty. I love the hyacinth colours that you have crocheted the star with. I think you have made a most thoughtful gift.

  4. Merry Christmas Ann,
    The items you have been creating over the past several months are beautiful! Your gift will be remembered well into the winter months and will certainly brighten those days.


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