Monday, 2 December 2013

Christmas is coming......

Ok!  I have to admit November is quite a dark month - especially when there is a cloud covering over the vale.  And in my tiny house photographing my projects can be a problem, even if I take them outside the back door.  However if the sun is shining there is a five minute slot when, if I'm organised and quick, I can get photos like these.  The houses opposite me are tall and block out the sun during the colder months of the year, but there is a narrow alleyway between and the sunlight can shine through into my front room - but it only lasts a very few minutes.

The sun shone on Saturday and I quickly started snapping.  There is one more fair next weekend - a local primary school Christmas Fayre - and I've been trying out Hama beads to make simple decorations children might like.  The beads don't look very promising do they, but ironed to fuse and with the light shining through them I think they are quite effective. 

You can also see my crochet snowflakes, wooden pokerwork, and felt bead mini-wreaths in the photos.  And these utterly delightful Scandinavian people I bought from a lovely lady at Attingham Park Frost Fair last week.

Really wish I'd bought a couple more!  Sadly she doesn't seem to have an online presence but I've emailed to see if she has any other fairs coming up locally.  If you want to try this photo technique, I have to admit I've tweeked the images in Photoshop (any other photo editing programme will do) and whacked up the shadows to blot out the untidy background.


  1. Love the little felted ball wreaths - must try that out myself! Lovely photos with the dark backgrounds.

  2. Hee hee, living just a few villages away from you (my guess) I have exactly the same problem and dashed around Saturday trying to catch that brief Sunlight to photograph my hats! It's either too dark this time of year or when the sun does come out it's so low and intense that the light washes out all the colours and I have to spend ages "tweaking" in Photoshop to put them back in... still, we live in a beautiful part of the world so shouldn't complain.

    Your photos turned out beautifully and the decorations are so cute :o)

  3. I also have some felted balls somewhere ...... a good idea to make a wreath

  4. What gorgeous decorations Ann. You got some lovely shots despite the light problems, and I love the twigs they are hanging from. Good luck at the fair,
    Carol x


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