Tuesday, 2 October 2012

My Life in Photos - Jess

If you've been here before you may remember I lost my last beloved cat Sausage in July.  Recently I've been scanning the animal rescue centre websites - just looking you know!  But sometimes cats come to you and a week or so ago I met a lovely lady who needed to rehome Jess.  So I think it was meant to be and Jess came to live with me yesterday.  As you can see, she's already made herself at home and even had a bit of an explore outside this morning.  And one of the locals seemed keen to make her acquaintance.


  1. Jess looks adorable. She looks so sweet natured. Every home needs a cat!

  2. She will wind you round her little paw in no time I'm sure. Hope Jess settles in well and that you will have many happy years together. That neighbour looks like a cute friend too.

  3. She is a lovely black and white cat, I love her face and that nose and look at her eyes...ADORABLE!!!!

  4. Just been catching up on all your lovely makes. Jess looks adorable.

  5. Congratulations on your new addition to your home! Jess looks so sweet. I'm happy that you've found a furry friend. I am delighted with my package Ann! Your talent is amazing and I feel so lucky to have some of your creations! Thank you so much!:)

  6. Glad you have a new furry friend. My daugther lost her 3 cats quite close together and said never again but about 6 months ago Boo decided to adopt her. He was a stray that arrived at her backdoor one cold wet soggy night. Exstensive searching and putting up of posters and enquires with the local vet practices never found his old owners. He has his paws firmly under the table now and has been been tagged should he decide to roam again. Hugs Mrs A.


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