Saturday, 27 October 2012

Bonjour from France

I'm spending a few days with my sister in Nice - we arrived Friday evening in a thunder storm and pouring rain (very sick-making landing!) but woke this morning to warm sunshine.

I travelled with a cousin who hasn't been here before so we spent the day walking in the town.  Its half term here in France too so there are lots of visitors around still and the promenade and beach were buzzing.  Although there was only a light breeze the waves were spectacular.  I find it hard to drag my gaze away when the sea puts on a show like this - and I wasn't the only one!

A very welcome innovation since my last visit is a lift from the promenade to the top of Le Chateau, the park high on the hill overlooking the city.  Its a perfect place for getting away from the bustle of the busy streets and many people were enjoying the spectacular views from every vantage point.......

or a bit of peace and quiet on a shady bench.

However a wander round the narrow streets and alleyways of the Old Town is always a must, with the obligatory stop off for a coffee, ice cream, or cake.  But not these beauties.......

which I could only afford to take home on my camera!  But we did manage an ice cream - mine's a double coffee cornet please - delicious!

I'm here till Wednesday so am sure to want to show you some more delicious moments - our itinerary depends on the weather.  Rain is forecast tomorrow - but it was forecast for today too.... so we won't take any notice of that and what will be will be!


  1. Bonjour ....... You are HERE , unfortunately too long from away from where I live, I think even 500 kilometers!!!! Enjoy your stay and please more pictures......

  2. Lovely pics of your break Ann, we were there in August, and we went to the old part of Nice too, such a wonderful view and some very happy memories. Enjoy the sun and warmth, it's freezing here!!

  3. Ann, your photos are delightful! I would give anything to be able to travel to Europe; perhaps someday :)

  4. What a beautiful place! You're having better weather in France than we are in the UK at the moment. The flowers look beautiful and much more interesting than the ones we have for sale in the UK!

  5. Ann your pictures are beautiful! Enjoy your visit and have a safe trip back home. :)

  6. Hey, ya know, if ya like the beach... we have tons of them here. Only 10 min. away from my house. haha.... *hint* *hint*

    j/k... your pictures are lovely!!! I'm enjoying them all, especially the dessert ones! Did you eat extra for me? :)


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