Sunday, 21 October 2012

Apple Day in the garden

Today is Apple Day here in the UK - a day for celebrating this most familiar fruit.  However 2012 has not been a good year for the fruit trees in my garden - the harvest has been small and of poor quality.  However the birds and other garden wildlife will be celebrating the day as I've left a lot more fruit than usual on the ground for them to feast on and fatten up for the cold days to come. 

I'm rather sad that I wasn't able to get to any of the Apple Day events as it has been a really beautiful day.  I had to be content with a wander round the garden with my camera as the sun started setting.

 This amazing crop of fungi was hiding behind the main flowerbed.  I haven't identified them yet but they are a bit too overgrown to be appetising even if they do turn out to be edible.

The leaves on the beech trees are always beautiful as they start to turn colour - looking up through the branches when the sky is blue can sometimes take your breath away.

Unfortunately it won't be long before all this colour will be on the ground waiting to be swept up - a huge job ever year.

There's no denying my garden has been very neglected this year but I'm rather inclined to leave all the tidying up till the spring - its all very overgrown and tangled but a sunny, still, late afternoon in autumn can make even a jungle look beautiful.


  1. I always enjoy your stunning garden photos Ann! Simply breathtaking. Thank you for sharing them with us. I think you should leave the tidying till spring. I left my overgrown plants in the garden last winter and it was quite beautiful when the snow clung to the bare twigs and stems. :)

  2. Hi Ann, just catching up on every ones blogs. Had to take myself off line last week as had a rather full on week at home to deal with. Your pictures are beautiful. Have been out in the garden myself today raking up all the leaves that have come down already. Wouldn't mind but they are not from my trees but the ones from the parkland running along the side of our garden. So having bagged it all up they jolly well got the lot back as I carted it around and dumped it in the gully at the bottom of the slope of trees and then raked the grass around the trees free of leaves too. That is so one of my pet hates. (Their trees , therefore their leaves!!!!)Hugs Mrs A.

  3. Your Autumn garden looks great Ann. Gorgeous photos.


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