Friday, 3 August 2012


Oh dear, I'm three days late with my vintage children for August.  However this is the last one.  Yes, can you believe it!  All twelve images from my old picture book Children Month by Month have now been posted.  I hope someone somewhere will want to use them.  They'd make a sweet addition to a photo calendar or a scrapbook page and of course they can be used for personalised birthday cards for children or even "baby boomers" who may remember a 50s childhood.  And how about a set of 12 cards made as a gift.

I made three cards this morning with the images printed out on thin card.  Fairly simple affairs - which is how I like it.  Of course it all depends on your taste in cards but I was thinking just the other day while in WH Smiths, before I started making cards I was always drawn to something simple - just a beautiful painting, photograph or illustration and not much else.  I really can't be doing with fol-de-rols!

As in all other posts, you can right click on the image, open in a new tab, enlarge and save to your computer.  Looking back I see I haven't tagged the posts and I'll try to get that done tonight so you can find the images easily. 


  1. These are all so sweet Ann. Love these fab vintage images.

  2. Lovely images and great cards too. I do so remember cards like this - I probably have a few hidden away somewhere from my own birthdays back in the 50s. I do also remember haymaking in the fields though I don't remember any rabbits hanging round long enough to watch open eyed as they'd have been dashing off to safety!!

  3. Lovely cards. Beautiful images.


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