Friday, 10 August 2012

Empty Skies?

Is your sky empty today?  I suddenly thought yesterday evening that I hadn't heard the swifts all day and looking up realised they weren't there.  It had been a beautiful day - very warm, blue sky and puffy white clouds and they could just possibly be feeding so high we couldn't see or hear them - but no, there is no joyous screaming and swooping in evidence over the town this morning either and I have to conclude that once again this is the beginning of the end of summer.  As usual I have been trying to catch the birds' acrobatic antics on film all summer without success.  I took this photo last week and you might just be able to see the black specks flying over their nesting place - already preparing for their long and hazardous journey to Africa.

However it really didn't feel like the end of summer yesterday when we walked home through the field by the river - it seems like its only just begun this week!


  1. Here the sky is as blue as yours... And its warm too, I sit under the tree and crochet some granny squares. Lovely work to do outside. there will be a granny cal that starts the first of september but I could not wait......

  2. Much nicer day here today with clkear blue skies - yesterday was humid and a little overcast at times. I did hear and see some swifts/swallows yesterday as I walked into town though. Isn't it amazing that they find their way back to Africa every year as they do?

  3. Cold and windy here today in Sydney. Looking forward to some warmer weather when I get over there - see what you can do. Jeni x


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