Friday, 24 August 2012

A (Small) Harvest Home

This week I've been busy gathering in my meagre harvest.  I didn't really get going in the garden this year and missed out on crops I usually enjoy growing - tomatoes, cucumber, beans, sweetcorn, etc.  But never mind - next year will be better.  However I've picked the soft fruit - cherries, plums, blackcurrants, and the first of the blackberries.  The apples are looking ok for September too.  Last year the pear tree did itself proud but this year there is no fruit at all!  Its a very ancient tree and I hope its not coming to the end of its life - we lost the other pear tree in the garden last year.

I managed to stop myself eating all the peas straight out of their pods - something I've been guilty of in the past - and have a bag of them in the freezer ready and waiting for Christmas Dinner.  The potatoes are stored away in their paper sack and the cherries have been stoned and are in the freezer too - I might turn some into jam as I'm on my last jar of 2011 jam.

Unfortunately the brambles have started invading the garden from the hedges as I haven't been cutting them back often enough.  But the bright side of this means there will be lots of blackberries.  I've turned the first berries into crumble puddings - my son's favourite, and there are still flowers on the bushes waiting for any passing insect to pollinate them.

So this is one harvest that is looking good - hmmmm...... apple and blackberry jam has been a favourite preserve in the past so I must look out the recipe - I just wish they weren't so THORNY!!!


  1. Lovely photos. You seem to have done well with your harvest - we haven't had as much as in previous years. Your words about the brambles made me smile as if you read my penultimate post you'll see we have had a real problem with them here too along with stinging nettles!

  2. Ah, I LOVE your harvest pictures!

  3. Lovely pics. It all looks njammie!

  4. Hi Ann-
    Just love your blog. You do such wonderful things with your layouts!
    Doesn't your garden look fantastic. Puts mine to shame. The first of the warm weather is here- and I notice the lawn bobbing around my ankles when I go out.
    Time to get that lawnmower out again!
    Love the idea of making all those things from the produce in your garden!
    Bronwyn ...

  5. Hi Ann,
    I've just spent a lovely half hour with a cup of tea, browsing your blog again. I really enjoy visiting to find out all that you have been up to and I always go away with some inspiration. This time you have inspired me to explore presenting photos in a more creative way and I intend (gulp) to have a look at some digi displays for the first time. I don't know why I find the idea so scary. I'dlove to see a close up

  6. Of your wooden heart garland. Hope your Mum is feeling better.

  7. Hi Ann,
    As a fellow gardener I'm impressed by what you call a 'meagre harvest - guess Wales is more fertile than Manchester. Great photos and layout.
    Best wishes,

  8. I have just discovered your wonderful blog whilst blog hopping. By the look of it you had a wonderful harvest this year. I have had wild blackberries but that is about it! I bet you will enjoy your peas at Christmas time!

  9. It doesn't look poor at all - I almost fainted looking at the richness of your colorful crop, because the vitamins were jumping right up in my face :)

  10. Hi, i don't really know what i'm doing but i thought i would try and add a comment. love your blog and your gorgeous makes, i will be harrasing you at the next make and take!! jayne

  11. Your large parcel of wonderful, gorgeous , brilliant crochet flowers arrived today in the post. Thankyou sooooooooo much. They must have taken ages. All 81 of them.(Yes I counted). The blue ones are going to go so well with a white and blue nightie (I picked up for a song in the charity shop) that I unpicked ready to remake. No excuses now. Must get cracking and turn out some more little dresses. Finnished knitting and sending off the fish 'n' chip jumpers/beanies hats. The final fantastic count on Dawn's blog is 2215 jumpers and 1902 beanie hats. Astounding result and all due to the powwer of Blogland. Just in the process of making some little houses for another blogger who appealed for anyone to make her some. Can't resist. Once aagian thankyou for the flowers. I expected a few for maybe two or three dresses!! Better get the production line going then. Hugs Mrs A.

  12. Hello Jayne - thanks so much for visiting and the successfully posted comment. Really makes my day when I get new visitors! I'm really looking forward to the next evening at Sugar Plum but need to practice some cupcake icing - never done it before. See you then! :o)


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