Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Remembering July

I'm never sure whether I'm sorry or glad when another month ends.  Seven 2012 months have already passed, the longest day is long ago and soon we will be thinking of Autumn.  I feel I never really got going in the garden this year and parts of it have gone absolutely berserk when I haven't been looking.  Of course I'm blaming the horrible weather we had in the spring, but also my own laziness - I'm such a fair weather gardener! 

While looking for solutions to my gardening problems on the net today I found Garlic & Sapphire,  an inspiring blog created by a talented team of people who love the things I love!  One of the team is my very favourite TV gardener Sarah Raven and I spied that she is currently running a photography competition with a fabulous prize - two places on one of her courses with B+B accommodation thrown in!  Oh if I could only win one of those places!  I quickly sent in my entry - you can enter too as the competition doesn't end until next week.

Here's my picture - its my all time favourite garden butterfly photo.  A female Silver Studded Blue - yes, I know its not blue, but the male is.  I love how perfectly her wings blend in with the surrounding grasses.  You can see my photo and all the other entries on the Pinterest competition board.


  1. Beautiful photo Ann, can't believe how fast this years going either - feel a bit cheated because the summer's been so rubbish so far, fingers crossed for August! Selling & re-buying the same stuff (& wasting money whilst doing it) is my thing (much to my husbands dismay) lol xxx

  2. Lovely photo. I wish I could enter... I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!!!

  3. I think your photos are fabulous Ann so good luck with the competition, I do hope you win, and thank you for the link to another lovely, inspirational site. Ann x

  4. What a beautiful pic of the butterfly, good luck for the competition!


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