Saturday, 26 May 2012

Time for a Walk

Another of my favourite bloggers, Susan Branch, is on a visit to the UK at the moment and she is sharing her experiences with all her 'girlfriends' (her name for her followers).  Its fascinating seeing our country through her American eyes - she delights in the smallest differences between our lives and is in love with the British countryside.  She took us girlfriends on a country walk the other day.  It was such fun and in homage thought I would blog my walk by the river on Wednesday. I hope you want to come along - there are lots of photos!
Its hot and the sheep haven't been sheared yet but they find shade by the hedges to rest and keep cool.
There are buttercups and daisies everywhere in the grass - I must make a daisy chain soon.
I just have to have a paddle in the river to cool my feet - the water is lovely.  Crocs are just the best thing when you decide take an impromptu dip.
There is a weir and fish pass on this bit of river but there are containers parked on the other bank so its not very pretty.
But the wild flowers don't mind the view and there are lots of species growing here - Red and White Campion, Cow Parsley, Speedwell, Wild Garlic, Milkmaids, Coltsfoot, Forget-me-nots, Herb Robert - to name just a few!
And Hawthorn is everywhere dressing the field boundaries in white lace.
Here's a nice shady bit - there are shoals of little fish in the river and water boatmen scooting about on the surface.
Its time to turn back and these chaps want to accompany me but as always they are nervous..... all except one.......
Hmmm..... this is a stranger but I think she is friendly! 
The Mallards took no notice of me at all and carried on dabbling and preening.  I was slightly worried that I hadn't seen dippers at the usual spot by the road bridge but while I was snapping the ducks one swooped past. I managed a couple of photos from a distance.
I got a nice video too and (duh!) have just realised how to upload it via Youtube - my very first Youtube contribution! 
No time to dawdle now - I have to get home to make lunch.  But the weather seems settled at the moment so there will be another day.
I hope you enjoyed my walk - I did.  It really seems like summer has arrived at last.  Let's hope its a good one.


  1. Morning Ann,
    Thanks for the morning walk through your home area. Lovely! Off to work a bit this day where I volunteer. Hope it is a nice weekend for you.

  2. If I come to your neck of the woods, promise me we can go out for a walk in your lovely area! Beautiful!

  3. Ann, I enjoyed your walk very much from this side of my computer screen, would love to do it again sometime :-D

  4. Thank you, that was a wonderful stroll. My first time to see a real Dipper. We don't have them in Canada. I just read a lovely book by Marcia Willet called "The Dipper".

  5. Thank you! I think I'll go back and walk with you again and again...

  6. What a lovely walk with you, thanks for being my guide and for your companion! BTW how is your mother???,

  7. What a lovely walk. You live in a beautiful part of the world. We are just heading inTo winter.

  8. Loved the walk! I so enjoy meeting new friends! Debbie

  9. Thank you, Ann, for the lovely walk! I loved that you named the flowers, too.

  10. I enjoyed my walk with you! Lovely pictures.

  11. A beautiful walk through your countryside, love these pics!


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