Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Happy May Day!

Will anyone be celebrating May Day today? Its not such a special day for children in 2012 (apart from a day off school next Monday) and I rather think little girls of today would run a mile rather than dress up in satin, flowers and silver paper crowns.  But in 1932 mid-Wales my Mum and her friends were chosen to represent their school at the May Queen Festival in Llandrindod Wells.

The programme of events included maypole dancing, music from the orchestra, a folk dancing competition and the entrance of the retiring queen's court (with a sword bearer, pages, Robin Hood, John Bull and Britannia amongst others) as well as the judging of the queens and crowning ceremony.  The winning Queen took home the Challenge Shield for her school to hold for 12 months and was presented with a gold brooch.  Mum came second and had a silver brooch, which I still have but can't put my hand on today.

The day came to a happy close with a May Queen Dance at the Grand Pavilion.  Dancing from 9.00 pm till 2.00 am to Macadam No 1 Dance Band.  (Refreshments at " moderate charges") :o)

And here is the May page from my vintage picture book series.  Today the blossom is still filling the trees but the daffodils are long gone - is this an indication of a changing climate?

Edit: Mum's just informed me I've got the dresses the wrong way round in the photo - the yellow should be green and the green should be yellow!   RATS!  Not changing it now though!


  1. What a fantastic photo Ann.

  2. What a lovely pictures of those beautiful girls . And I love as always your vintage postcards!


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