Saturday, 19 May 2012

Garden update

While digging the plot for my potatoes the other day I disturbed this poor mining bee who got really fed up with my filling in his burrow every few minutes.  I do hope he found somewhere else suitable nearby.

I'm sure lots of gardeners are behind with their jobs this year as its been so cold and wet.  I managed to get a few tasks out of the way this week but there's still lots to do.  Here are a some things that are looking their best half way through this disappointing May - usually my favourite month.


  1. Wow Ann, you have been busy!
    Great shots, and I love the font you used. Is it called Dymo Label? I had a font like that on my previous computer.
    What a coincidence, I used my good old Dymo label embosser on my card today :)

  2. Looks beautiful! That's a lot of work!

  3. HI Ann,
    Your gardens look great. What you call Granny's Bonnets we call Colombine. It is our state flower here in Colorado. And I have never seen red flowers on strawberry plants before! Only white. So nice to see other plants from around the world. Have a good weekend.

  4. The garden is looking Good Ann despite the cold rainy weather. I'm impressed with your weeding - the onion bed looks pristine. I loved your patchwork card by the way and I hope your Mum is better now.

  5. yay, cute pink strawberry flowers... we have white ones :o)


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