Saturday, 31 March 2012

March remembered

The end of another month is approaching and I've created my March page to remember what's caught my eye over the last four weeks.  Today its seems the mini-summer we've been enjoying has come to an end and its time to get back to normal and put my coat on when leaving the house!

Reviewing my recent photos the other day I was reminded of those puzzles on TV quiz shows and in Christmas gift books when I was a girl whereby you had to identify a hugely magnified photograph of an object.

You won't find my puzzles very difficult if you've been out and about recently but these close-ups do remind me how fantastically beautiful the natural world really is.  And just in case you are curious, here are the answers:

Top to bottom and left to right - a Peacock butterfly wing; Muscari; a Mallard duck stretching his wing on the river; Fritillaria; Pasque Flower; hibernating Ladybird; the cheeky Squirrel eating my birds' food; Larch catkins by the river.

The warm weather has kept me away from blogland my crafty desk for a week or so but now its time to get  the Easter cards and gifts made.  I need to catch up with my favourite bloggers too.  So onwards and upwards!


  1. Oh Ann what a lovely idea - you are a wonderful photographer :D

  2. It's fantastic to see Spring showing up in your collage.
    Fabulous pictures and creativity!

  3. Beautiful photos Ann. I remember that puzzle from "Ask the family" the TV show!

  4. Awesome collage of photos! Like your cute header too!


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