Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Double Dutch???

We all have our favourite crafty designers - mine are quite obvious if you are a regular reader of this blog.... and their inspirational blogs are regularly at the top of my reading list.  Of course we all have different tastes and styles - I like clean and simple but also vintage so when I came across Eline Pellinkhof she shot right into my top 10! Eline is a Dutch designer but her products are easily found in the UK (Cuddly Buddly has lots) AND she has written two beautiful books that are absolutely crammed with gorgeous projects...... there's just one problem - they are only available in Dutch! However I couldn't resist and quickly purchased Eline's Winter Huis.  Would you believe there are 86 gorgeous projects in it and I honestly haven't found the language a problem as there are clear photographs and templates.  The only real difficulty will be when I try the crochet projects - but I'm sure translation won't be that difficult with the help of google.

Anyway, enough waffle.  Here is my version of Eline's owl.  He's featured throughout the book in paper and ink, fabric, cross stitch, applique, and I've turned my owl into one of my favourite projects, a scented sachet, by adding a hanger and dried lavender to the stuffing.  I'm busy creating my own parliament of owls (did you know that's their collective name) and I also have another of Eline's projects on the go - can you guess what it is yet!

Finally, GUESS WHAT! I read in Mollie Makes  that Eline's first book, Eline's Huis, will be published in English in August!  Oooooo, can I wait till then!


  1. What a cute owl.... If you have problems with the translation you can ask me....I am Dutch.

  2. You are one talented lady! I love your owl sachet holder. So darn cute! And the card is adorable too!

  3. hello,
    your owl is adorable and thank you for sharing Eline and what she does.

  4. I just love that owl!!!!!! You did a wonderful job. Hootin' cute!

  5. Thank you so much for this lovely post, Ann!!! Beautiful owl! i'm glad that you can understand most of the book. If you have any questions please let me know! XX Eline

  6. Wow! I feel proud to see my design in such pretty colors, love your version of the fabric owl :-) Cute addition of the felt foots.

    xx Petra


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