Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Oh no - not another sunset

I can hear you groaning from here.... I really did hesitate to post yet another sunset but when I looked up from my unending task of clearing dead stuff from the garden, this sunset caused an intake of breath.  A thin layer of cloud had turned the sun into a golden ball my camera lens was able to capture and the crows flying home to roost added some detail and scale to the scene. 

I've only just started spring cleaning my untidy patch but lots of emerging shoots are buried under the remains of last year's beauties.  However I did feel a bit guilty disturbing hibernating creatures like this ladybird and I quickly covered this one up again in case there is frost tonight.

I was pleased to see a few catkins on the hazel bushes I have grown from cob nuts.  They are about 5 years old now and this is the first time they have flowered - I'm sure you remember from school nature table lessons that the tiny red tassel above the male catkin is the female flower.  Fingers crossed there might just be a few nuts in the autumn.

The daffodils are in their prime right now but I have a real liking for the little pulmonarias dotted about here and there.  Their flowers are quite small but I love how they start out pink and turn to blue when fully open - but almost better than the flowers are those wonderful spotty leaves.


  1. I see that spring has arrived to you as well! Just adore that sweet little ladybug. :) All of our daffodils here are now in bloom!

  2. Oh, Anne, so love seeing your pulmonaria!! It's one of the first things I love to look for when spring is starting. Sweet little ladybug, too! Our spring at home is progressing quickly, I hear, hope we get home in time to enjoy these little things!

  3. A fabulous sunset!!
    Thanks for the reminder about the Pulmonaria, I saw them in the garden too, but I didn't take a photo yet.
    Beautiful shot of the ladybird.
    We have hazelnuts too in our garden, lots of them. The woodpeckers like them :)

  4. Oh, that is a million dollars picture! How breathtaking.

  5. Lovely pictures, I am also cleaning the garden, nu much time to craft!!!! I also HAve a lot of pulmonarias, some really blue, and I even found a white one already flowering for some weeks.


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